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Support Areas

Oblasť životného prostreda/Environment area

Through our grant schemes, we help to improve the quality of the environment and the development of municipalities in all regions of Slovakia.
Oblasť vzdelávania/Education area

We support ambitious and innovative projects that develop educational activities and bring quality to the teaching process. We help organisations and institutions that run formal and informal educational programs for children and the youth.
Oblasť umenia/Art area

We contribute to the preservation of our cultural heritage and support projects aimed at protecting cultural monuments and reviving customs and traditions. We believe that preserving them is one of the key factors affecting the future generations.
Oblasť humanity/Humanity area

One of the key goals of SPP Foundation is to support activities of organisations focusing on providing humanitarian aid to people whose lives are under threat.
Oblasť zdravia/Health area

By its programs, SPP Foundation contributes to the modernisation of hospital equipment, improvement of care provided to patients and people with medical disabilities, and assists those who have found themselves in unfavourable social situation.
Oblasť športu/Sport area

SPP Foundation supports projects that develop sports activities among children and the youth in all regions of Slovakia and lead them to a healthy lifestyle. It also contributes to promoting and developing physical culture.